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Mobile Apps
Build iOS and Android apps with Convex + React Native
Need native mobile apps for your users on iOS/Android? The Convex React client works smoothly with React Native, letting you power all versions of your app with the magic of Convex.
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Sentry Integration
Report Convex errors to Sentry
If your team uses Sentry for exception monitoring, Convex offers a Sentry integration to provide visibility into errors from your Convex function executions.
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Datadog metrics
Stream Convex logs to Datadog
Stream log events from your Convex deployment to Datadog with a built-in log streaming integration
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Airbyte Integration
Stream data between Convex & Airbyte
For Airbyte users, Convex offers source & destination connectors that let you stream data between your Convex database and any of Airbyte's supported data sources/destinations.
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Most apps require user authentication, aka the ability for users to sign up for and log in to an account tied to a username, email, or existing account with a provider like Google or Github.
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Likes, Upvotes & Reactions
Surface realtime reactions to live content
Enhance the social draw of your app by letting users 'like', 'fave', 'upvote', or otherwise react to content with icons & emoji.
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Axiom metrics
Stream Convex logs to Axiom
Ingest your Convex logs into Axiom with the built-in log streaming integration.
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Data Sorting
Reorder query results based on different properties
Give users a snappy UI for sorting data based on certain properties's values in ascending or descending order
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Data Filtering
Build an instantly reactive UI for sifting through live data
Let users easily & instantly pinpoint the data they're interested in by providing a simple filtering UI powered by Convex's built-in reactive query filters.
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Relational Data
Represent & navigate relationships between db tables
Data relationships allow us to know which user sent a given message, which files can be accessed by which teams, or which authors have written how many books. Learn more about how to represent relationships between documents in different tables in your Convex database.
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Infinite Scroll
Load paginated data in response to user scroll interactions
If your app calls for an infinite-scroll experience, you can implement it with Convex's paginated queries and client-side scroll detection such as intersection observers.
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Fivetran Integration
Stream data from Convex to Fivetran
The Fivetran source connector for Convex lets you get data from your Convex app into your Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence (BI) tools of choice for analysis.
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End-to-End Encryption
Protect data, from client to db
Security is non-negotiable when dealing with sensitive data. Learn how Convex protects your & your users' data, and how you can ensure that data is fully protected at all levels with end-to-end encryption.
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AI chat
Enhance your app with AI text generation
Need a chatbot or other AI-generated text in your app? Convex makes it easy to integrate AI services like OpenAI. With a built-in vector database and proven patterns for advanced use cases like retrieval-augmented generation or streaming text output from GPT, in Convex you can craft amazing AI chat apps in minutes, not months.
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Retrieval-Augmented Generation
Enhance AI apps with RAG
Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is a technique for building powerful AI apps that enhance the generic output of LLMs like GPT with app-specific information retrieved from your Convex database.
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User sessions
Store & retrieve per-tab user session data
If you need data specific to a user’s tab, or associated with a user who isn’t logged in, Convex has you covered.
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Full-text search
Find documents matching a given string
Define a search index over a table in your database to efficiently search for documents that approximately match a given string.
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File uploads
Store & retrieve uploaded or generated files
When your app needs to support file uploads and downloads, Convex has your back with an integrated file storage service.
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RESTful APIs via HTTP endpoints
Expose (selected) data over HTTP by building a custom API with Convex. Use HTTP actions to read and write data, the built-in router to define your endpoints, and integrate CORS & auth as needed to easily & safely share your Convex-hosted data with the world.
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Feature flags
aka feature gates, kill switches
A feature flag system lets you flip features on and off remotely and/or decide what features to show a given user based on some configurable state.
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A waitlist is a user-friendly way to make sure users still get served even when there is a surge in demand.
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