Open Source

Develop with confidence knowing that the Convex backend will be around forever.

Self Hosting

We’re confident that Convex will stand the test of time. Just in case, we open sourced the convex-backend to give back to the community and to make sure that developers adopt our project without the fear that we’ll be gone in a few years. We also understand that compliance may require some companies to exclusively self-host their infrastructure, so allowing developers to access those use cases is important to us.


There’s been a lot of buzz about enabling developers to do everything out of their personal computers. We’re all for enabling those workflows and want to give customers the opportunity to test and develop locally just as efficiently as they would with our cloud product. In many cases, local development with Convex provides the fastest development cycles by avoiding network latency and flakiness.


A lot of backend tools are opaque, design-wise, and this doesn’t exclude us. We’ve done a lot to open up and show off the inner workings, and displaying the code is a natural extension of that. If you’re interested in why Convex was architected the way it was, check out our blog post on how it all works.

Getting Started

To try your hand at self-hosting Convex or to just check out the code, head over to our GitHub repository here.

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