Realtime, all the time

A realtime database paired with queries and mutations keep every part of your app always up to date.

Ubiquitous reactivity should be the default

Ubiquitous reactivity means no more cache management, no more query retries, and immediately iterative development cycles. When everything is reactive by default, it changes the way you think about application architectures. Whole classes of state management problems go away.

Always up to date queries

Convex’s realtime database tracks all dependencies for every query function. Whenever any dependency changes, including any database rows, Convex reruns the query function and triggers an update to any active subscription. Convex automatically updates the query cache so that the next time you try the same query it’ll return instantly.

Designed for Reactive UIs

Convex was designed to be used by modern reactive UI frameworks like React. Every time a query result changes your UI updates automatically. No refreshing or polling, just use the provided easy-to-use framework specific library to get up and running fast.

No UI? No Problem

Convex is equally at home on the frontend or backend. Store and query data directly from scripts or backend systems. Leverage subscriptions to trigger business processes when state changes. Convex has native subscription support for Python and Rust.

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