Auth integrated right into your backend

Convex Auth integrates right into your backend by providing a table with all your users ready to use with the rest of your app. Reference and read your users table directly in your Convex functions to build sophisticated apps without querying a third party service to get user information.

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Magic Links & OTP 🪄

Use Magic Links and OTP emails to build quick and smooth login process.Learn more
await signIn("resend", { email: "" });

Over 80+ OAuth integrations

Convex Auth leverages the Auth.js ecosystem to provide you 80+ OAuth integrations out of the box. OAuth integrations provide one click logins with higher security guarantees.

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Email and Password

With Email and Password you can go back to basics. Your passwords are secured by default with Scrypt, or any other encryption mechanism of choice.

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What projects should I use Convex Auth for?

Convex Auth is great for your Convex applications that want minimal external services. It's still in beta, so we may make API changes based on user feedback.

What login methods does Convex Auth support?

Convex Auth supports magic link emails, OTP email, OAuth via Auth.js plugins, and email and password.

Does Convex Auth support SSO, MFA, hardware keys, passkeys and other advanced capabilities?

In short, no. You may find that one of the OAuth providers that Convex Auth uses like WorkOS have the capabilities you need. But if you really need more advanced enterprise-grade tooling and security guarantees, we recommend using Clerk.


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