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Bring your favorite APIs from OpenAI, Replicate, Pinecone and others through actions & jobs.

Coordinate chains of LLMs, embeddings, and vector searches
Centralize your app logic
Integrated vector search (coming soon)
Live dev environment
Transactions by default

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Next-Gen AI Ergonomics

Bring your existing JS libraries into Convex functions. Easily read and write into the Convex database to coordinate your application logic. No extra endpoints to build. Learn more.

Realtime UI updates

Define realtime queries to power your UI. They will automatically update as the data changes with a consistent snapshot, with built-in caching. Your users never need to refresh button to see your app’s newest information. Learn more.

Living applications

Break free of coupling user requests to LLM API requests. Compose chains of LLMs, embeddings, and vector searches and write incremental updates to the database in the background. Transactionally invoke background follow-up functions using our Scheduler, or run periodic jobs using our Cron Jobs. Learn more.

Real transactional database

Write your core application logic in an environment that is transactional by default. Capture inputs and outputs of each step of your pipeline in a durable, fast, immediately-consistent database, without losing the flexibility of a NoSQL Document store. Write your app’s logic in TypeScript and let Convex takes care of the rest. Learn more.

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