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About us

Convex's mission is to fundamentally change how software is built on the Internet and who gets to build it. We aim to empower engineering teams of all sizes to build fast, reliable, and dependable dynamic apps without complex backend engineering or database administration.

Our team includes technologists who have led exabyte-scale storage projects, designed custom global databases with trillions of records, built some of the world's most popular web apps, and shipped desktop and mobile software onto billions of devices. All of us have deep experience with managing critical shared user state in complex apps and growing teams.

Now at Convex, we've created something we believe is an entirely new and substantially better platform for teams of the future. We're motivated by the prospect of a new wave of teams using Convex and excited to empower them to easily solve the challenges of global state management—challenges that before Convex were quite daunting.


Photo of Jamie Turner

Jamie Turner(He/Him)
Co-Founder / CEO
Photo of James Cowling

James Cowling(He/Him)
Co-Founder / CTO
Photo of Sujay Jayakar

Sujay Jayakar(He/Him)
Co-Founder / Chief Scientist
Photo of Myoung Kang

Myoung Kang(She/Her)
Head of Finance
Photo of Indy Khare

Indy Khare(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Gautam Gupta

Gautam Gupta(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Nipunn Koorapati

Nipunn Koorapati(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Alex Cole

Alex Cole(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Emma Forman Ling

Emma Forman Ling(They/Them)
Software Engineer
Photo of Cheree Hardy

Cheree Hardy(She/Her)
Office Boss Extraordinaire
Photo of Preslav Le

Preslav Le(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Arnold Trakhtenberg

Arnold Trakhtenberg(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Lee Danilek

Lee Danilek(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Tom Ballinger

Tom Ballinger(He/Him)
Software Engineer
Photo of Bryan Liu

Bryan Liu(He/Him)
Head of Talent