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A fresh take on writing your backend


Fetch data and perform business logic with strong consistency by writing pure TypeScript.

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Insert, update, and remove data with autocompleted types. 100% ACID compliant.

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Call third-party services without affecting database performance. Schedule asynchronous jobs and control your data flow.

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What people building their business on Convex are saying

Convex taught us how to do databases properly. The biggest benefit was that I was finally able to spend most of my time on the actual product instead of on database-specific tooling, like having to create a custom ORM or worry about migrations. Switching to Convex helped initiate a huge mindset shift for me in general as a founder.

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Leon Si
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Convex allowed us to iterate very quickly on the models and schema by letting us see our changes deploy in real time. Convex allowed us to not think about the persistence layer, deduping of calls, loading states, pagination, or any part of the backend that you’re usually rolling yourself. The team was highly responsive and unblocked us when we needed it.

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Allen Hartwig
Nut Tree
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Convex has simplified our backend operations, allowing our team to focus on delivering value to our customers. Its reliable transactions help us develop complex features quickly and reliably, tightening our feedback loop. Convex really helps us put functionality and user experience first.

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Punn Kam
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Convex has re-imagined from the ground up what the primitives of an application platform should be, and are delivering on this vision with admirable rigor and comprehensiveness. Convex offers just about everything that a serious, modern software product might need to be successful, and the resulting DX is truly unparalleled!

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RJ Dellecese
Founding Software Engineer

These days, realtime collaboration and communication are table stakes, every product is expected to nail it. Convex makes it drop-dead simple to get the crazy-hard backend to make it happen, and I get to focus on making a magical user experience.

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Seth Raphael

Love for Convex

Michael Cann's profile photo
Michael Cann@mikeysee
Holy crap @convex_dev is absolutely mind blowing stuff. I just wrote a real-time multiplayer todo app in 15mins!

Seriously stop messing around with Firebase, Supabase, Postgres, Vercel Storage or any of those and give Convex a try.. thank me later :)
Colin |'s profile photo
Colin |
Happy to see more first-class clerk x convex integration

Theres such a major architecture shift around Serverless + Edge + React + Typescript that (imo) its unlikely sql is still the right abstraction

Very compelling that convex is approaching this from first principles
Guillermo Rauch's profile photo
Guillermo Rauch@rauchg
😱 @convex_dev is the gift that keeps on giving

Check it out in combination with @nextjs
Timothy Stepro's profile photo
Timothy Stepro@tim_stepro
@convex_dev is everything I wanted Firebase to be. Such a great tool. Feels illegal to know about this before others.
urubatan's profile photo
#dailytip if you are a #react developer and want an alternative to Firebase, you might want to give @convex_dev a try. It has amazing ReactHooks with samples in #Javascript and #typescript and the price isn't bad. I'm not a Firebase expert but it looks like all features are there
David Kim's profile photo
David Kim@dvddkkim
@convex_dev feels like what I wanted Firebase and MongoDB Realm to be and more. Really enjoying the DX so far!
James Perkins's profile photo
James Perkins@james_r_perkins
I used @convex_dev once to make sure our integration at @ClerkDev worked and the docs matched what we expected.

Its magical. I dont say that lightly. I think its time to do a video on the channel.
Jason Lengstorf's profile photo
Jason Lengstorf@jlengstorf
Im working on a new app build with @convex_dev and I am *very* excited about the tech here

- DB schema defined in TS - end-to-end types (like if tRPC also set up your DB) - real-time updates Just Work™
Anshuman Bhardwaj's profile photo
Anshuman Bhardwaj@sun_anshuman
Managing an application's state has become easier, but the global state concept is still a pain for developers, which @convex_dev aims to solve. I made a realtime application using @convex_dev , @nextjs, and @auth0 and loved it.😍
Console - Devtools, devtools, devtools's profile photo
Console - Devtools, devtools, devtools@consoledotdev
Interesting tool of the week: by @convex_dev

We like: Makes it easy to build a live-updating web app with a document database. Strictly-typed fully relational schemas defined in code (optional, but recommended)

Everything else you need to build your app

  • File storageUpload and serve files
  • SearchSearch text in any document
  • AuthImplement login and manage users
  • Scheduling & cronsBuild workflows and run background jobs
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