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Convex is the stateful application platform that combines a powerful custom database with an integrated execution environment.

Your days of gluing services together are over.

Illustration of the code, dashboard, and output of a Convex app.
End-to-end reactivity

Convex brings the database boundary all the way out to the application surface. Everything in Convex is automatically realtime and reactive. Every query in Convex can be used as a dynamic subscription. If backend state changes, the data in your app will be updated automatically and consistently, every time.

Illustration of End-to-end reactivity
Everything, in its right place

Convex is not just a database, it’s a platform for building real applications without a backend team. Features carefully designed to work together with strong consistency and no data management headaches. Escape hatches if you need them, including snapshots and streaming data export.

Illustration of Everything, in its right place
Easy to use, designed to scale

Automatic reactivity, dynamic typing, and JavaScript queries make you productive today. Schemas, indexes, ACID transactions, a relational model, automatic caching, dynamic scaling, end-to-end consistency, and amazing TypeScript integration will support you as you grow.

Illustration of Easy to use, designed to scale
No UI? No problem

Convex is equally at home on the backend. Store and query data directly from scripts or backend systems. Leverage subscriptions to trigger business processes when state changes. Convex has native support for Python and a convenient HTTP API for use in other languages.

Illustration of No UI? No problem

Built by the team that has designed and run some of the largest backends in the world, with exabytes of data and millions of transactions per second.

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Fast5 is a multiplayer word racing game.
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Convex CRM
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