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Here you’ll find a curated list of valuable resources to help you succeed in the hackathon. Whether you’re looking for quick tutorials, in-depth videos, or insightful blog posts, we’ve got you covered.

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Convex Hack Pack
Quickly learn the skills you need to start building full-stack apps with Convex through this hands-on tutorial specifically built for Hackathon participants.

Start building

Quickly spin up a new Convex project using the create-convex bootstrapper tool with the command:

npm create convex@latest
Convex Quickstarts
Get up and running with our Quickstart guides for popular frameworks like React and Next.js, as well as Python and Rust projects & more
Template Gallery
Pull a working Convex application off the shelf to extend or learn about how certain features are implemented.

Learn & get help

Dive deep into the Convex platform with our comprehensive developer documentation
Convex can do that!
Browse & search a gallery of fullstack app features you might need, and resources to help you implement them all in Convex
Stack by Convex
Learn about best practices, use cases, and more from a growing collection of articles, videos, and walkthroughs in the Convex Developer Portal, Stack
Discord Developer Community
Join our active developer community on Discord to ask questions, trade tips & tricks, and show off your awesome Convex projects
Developer Search
Get unblocked quickly by searching across the Documentation, Stack resources, and Discord chats simultaneously
Guided Tour
Get hands-on with Convex fundamentals by building a multiplayer chat app with an integrated AI agent
Next.js Quickstart Walkthrough
Watch WebDevCody's 10-minute primer on building a Convex application with Next.js

Explore Convex features

Relational Data
Use document IDs to model relationships between documents in different database tables
TypeScript Helper Functions
Learn how to write TypeScript functions that join data, rather than depending on SQL or interacting with the database directly.
Learn how to paginate query results for better performance & UX with large datasets
Allow users to sign up, log in and log out by integrating an authentication provider like Auth0 or Clerk into your Convex app
Auth with Clerk
Set up authentication for your application with Clerk by following this quick video walkthrough
File Storage
Upload, store & serve files and add file management to your app with Convex's built-in file storage
Database Schemas
Make sure your data consistently uses correct types by defining a schema for your database
Schema Generation
Quickly learn how to generate your schema based on your types.
Data Migrations
Learn how to migrate data using one of the fundamental Convex primitives: the mutation.
Table Indexes
Speed up query performance over large datasets by defining indexes in your table's schema
Full-Text Search
Search over text values in your documents using Convex's built-in full-text search
Vector Search
Learn more about vector search and two demo apps that use it in this video.
Hosting & Deployment
Publish your Convex app for the world to see using Netlify, Vercel, or your own hosting provider
Error Handling
Handle internal and user-facing errors in your Convex apps and integrate reporting services like Sentry
Scheduled Functions
Run your backend functions when you need them with the Convex scheduler and Cron jobs

Build with AI

Text Adventure Game
Learn how WebDevCody built a full-stack text adventure game with Convex, Next.js, OpenAI & DALL-E
Convex + ChatGPT
Learn how to build a full-stack ChatGPT app on Convex
AI Town Walkthrough
Learn how a Convex backend can power a virtual town with autonomous characters.

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