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Bring your favorite APIs from OpenAI, Twilio, Stripe and others through actions & jobs.

Drive your UI with Convex

Convex provides a realtime transactional database that keeps your UI updated via provided client libraries. This makes it the central data store and coordinator of your app. Use Convex actions (functions designed to call the outside world) and scheduled jobs to coordinate with external APIs and transactionally update the Convex database. Your app will always have the latest data.

Easily Integrate with other APIs

Convex actions make it easy to call external APIs. The Convex backend runs in a custom runtime based on V8 that provides most web standard apis like fetch, making it easy to call external HTTP APIs. Convex also provides an escape hatch for libraries requiring Node.js via the use node directive. Use any JavaScript or TypeScript API with ease.

Schedule API calls

Convex provides two ways to schedule jobs. Use Crons for a periodic actions, like sending emails once a day. Use the Scheduler to run delayed actions, like sending a reminder SMS an hour after a todo is created.

Easy durable workflows

When using the Scheduler, Convex will only schedule the action if the calling function successfully completes (i.e. the transaction succeeds). So that reminder will only be sent if the todo was successfully written the the database. Scheduling is coordinated by the Convex database itself, so you don’t have to worry about server restarts when scheduling things months away.

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