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Monorepo with Next.js and Expo

npm create convex -- -t get-convex/turbo-expo-nextjs-clerk-convex-monorepo

Fullstack monorepo template feat. Expo, Turbo, Next.js, Convex, Clerk

This is a modern TypeScript monorepo template with AI web and native apps featuring:

  • Turborepo: Monorepo management
  • Next.js 13: Web app & marketing page
  • React Native Expo: Mobile/native app
  • Convex: Backend, database, server functions
  • Clerk: User authentication
  • OpenAI: Text summarization (optional)

The example app is a note taking app that can summarize notes using AI. Features include:

  • Marketing page
  • Dashboard page (web & native)
  • Note taking page (web & native)
  • Backend API that serves web & native with the same API
  • Relational database
  • End to end type safety (schema definition to frontend API clients)
  • User authentication
  • Asynchronous call to an OpenAI
  • Everything is realtime by default
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