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Fullstack: Project MGMT Example

Built with:

npm create convex -- -t get-convex/fullstack-convex

This example demonstrates a fullstack application built with Convex, React, Next.js, and Auth0.

The app is a very simple Asana-style task management app that allows users to create, view, and manage tasks. The app features:

  • Basic Authentication & Authorization, implemented with Auth0 and Convex
  • Task creation, where each task may have:
    • Owner
    • Title
    • Description
    • Status (New | In Progress | Done | Cancelled)
    • Comments
    • File attachments (from a fixed collection to prevent abuse)
  • Task management, allowing users/task owner to:
    • Add a comment
    • Change status (owner only)
    • Reassign ownership (owner only)
  • Filter tasks by ticket status or owner
  • Search tasks by title, description, or comments
  • Infinite-scroll pagination to support very large task collections
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